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Apple watch series 9 - vodafone esim cannot be downloaded, connectivity problem

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2: Seeker

Hi all,

i have recently bought the device from apple uk running on watch os 10.0.2 , latest.

Also joined vodafone new phone contract and arranged onenumber for the watch. 
After approx 30 hours on 191 and talking to managers, complain etc, visiting a store manager in Guildford, it seems vodafone service is not working on these devices. So now i am about to cancel everything with vodafone.


are you aware of why the esim is not downloading onto my new watch? Is this going to be resolved soon? Is it related to the watch os?

would ee or o2 offer better? Alternatively if this service is not available in the uk, i may return the watch to apple...

thanks for the help


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2: Seeker


im adam, a new customer.

i am in the very same shies with my apple watch series 9. Could you please help me otherwise i will cancel all contract i have with vodafone! 
thank you

Hi @Adamnagyovics 

Thanks for dropping us message. Given how long you've spent contacting us I can totally understand your frustration, I'd feel the same way! It's important we get you up and running so my team would love to help get your One Number service connected. Please could you send us a message over on our social channels and we'll take a closer look.  

@Janey  Of course they were unable to help... also they are referring back to 191 after one trial

@Adamnagyovics - If this isn't resolved yet, please message again on Social Media and advise you've been asked to get in touch from here on the Community. 

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Has anyone experienced the attached when trying to set up mobile plan on Apple Watch Series 9