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Applewatch and Onenumber connectivity

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So, I took the plunge and purchased an Applewatch Ultra 2 from Vodafone, local store set me up with a new Onenumber plan (with a different phone number?). Told me to wait 24 hours for my Watch was available to use on Celllular. Was told I didn't need to do anything.

New eSIM downloaded to my phone automatically, nothing happening on my Watch. 3 day over 1.5 hours with 191 getting moved around, nobody seemed to know where to transfer me or what to do. Utterly useless.

Day 4 another 1.5 hours on the phone, after trying a few technical things (re-start of watch, SIM out of phone etc) I was they would try a disconnection/re-connection). However that wouldn't happen for another couple of days. Contacting Vodafone on twitter, said some soothing words but no real progress. 

Yesterday, somebody was meant to call me to arrange disconnection/re-connection. No call, twitter support said they would carry this out. Message this morning, all completed.....but still no connection on my Watch.

Ive now tried to add a connection via the watch app and Onenumber, added a subscription with the plan associated with the eSIM. Now I think Ive added an extra subscription and will get charged extra.

Pulling my hair out now, no idea what to real help from Vodafone. Im now considering returning the watch and cancelling my eSIM contract. Should have looked on these forums beforehand seeing the number of issues with this all over the place.

Can anybody help? Ive been with Vodafone for 25 years and never experience customer service as horrific as this.


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UPDATE: Contacted today. Offered compensation which I accepted, One number plan cancelled and Watch being returned next week.

My advice, do not buy an Applewatch Ultra or Ultra 2 on Vodafone if you expect to connect it to a One number subscription. There is a very good chance this won't work. The support you will receive is detailed on this thread.

Thanks for watching.

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Can somebody tell me why I have a new Plan with different Phone number attached for the supplied eSIM instead of just adding a device to my Mobile phone plan (it says it is One number compatible). None of this was really explained to me at the shop.

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

Sounds like they have signed you up for a whole new mobile phone service and added Onenumber to that plan instead of adding Onenumber to your existing plan. If I were you, I would return everything while you still can during the cooling-off period.


Hey @Thomostash Thanks for reaching out to us. 

So that we can take a closer look at your account and explain everything about your Apple Watch plan, please could you reach out to our Social Media team on either Facebook or X

Hi Callum,

Ive been in touch with your social media team for the last 4 days. Tbh all they have done is give some updates, attempt to push it through and offer apologies. As far as I'm aware the Disconnection/re-connection is now ongoing for the last 4 days. Initially I was told it was complete only to be told the next day the order was 'stuck'.

I visited my local Vodafone store yesterday (Carlisle) with he intention of handing my watch back and cancelling but they seem to think it would get sorted and I just have to wait.

No one can tell me exactly what the problem is or when it will get resolved, all I get is just wait another 24hrs on repeat. I asked your social media team to get somebody to give me a call, I was given a number which then after choosing the options steered me back to an online help article. 

Every time speaking to different people with nobody taking any sort of ownership of the problem.

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Told 24-48 hours on Wednesday, then 2-24 hrs on Thursday. Now Ive just been told 48hours from Yesterday by your Social media team.

Speaking to different people every time. Whilst I understand you can have technical problems you still need to be able to communicate it properly and give people honest time schedules. 

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So guess what......just been told I have to wait another 24 hrs for anymore updates. Thanks Vodafone, great way to loose a loyal customer.

I can appreciate you're frustrated. Where there are order issues they need to be sent away to multiple teams to resolve, sometimes this can add days to the resolve time. On social we will always get back to you and won't forget about you. Thank you for you patience.

I have the same issue .. 191 have no idea and my Ultra2 is still not working…

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2: Seeker

I still have the same issue...numerous calls to 191, told to wait for 24 hours then again then again...told i would receive a call back nothing, told the system reflect my new watch but on the app it shows my old EID... the service is pathetic, no one knows, not even "mobile tech",... suggested i cancel the service an take aout a new one but it would cost me more...