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Has anyone received their Galaxy Watch 6 Classic DPD tracking number yet?

4: Newbie

Has anyone received their Galaxy Watch 6 Classic DPD tracking number yet?


As I understand it, the delivery data should be tomorrow (4/8/23)

My order still says in progress - ordered on the 26/7/23


Thanks in advance



Hey @aide199 

So that we can provide you with an update on your delivery, please reach out to our Social Media team on Facebook or Twitter

Thanks for you reply but I want to know if anyone has received their DPD tracking number yet

Well I'm afraid anyone who has ordered the 'Classic edition of the Galaxy Watch 6 will not be getting their watch tomorrow.


Vodafone Live chat agents on 2 separate occasions confirmed to me that the release date for the classic edition was the 4/8/23. This was also the date shown on the Vodafone website. I also checked this morning for the classic edition and it said 'order before 10pm today and get it delivered tomorrow'  It seems like this was all a pack of lies from Vodafone.


I have just checked on the Vodafone website and it looks to me like Vodafone have realized that they have made a ##~## up, because you currently can't order the galaxy watch 6 classic edition on their website as it comes up with an error message of 'Sorry there's a problem with our site'


I am totally disgusted with the way I have been treaded by Vodafone and have just put in a formal complaint. But all I was basically told was tough S+it! you'll just have to wait until the 11/8 



16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

People make mistakes, Vodafone apologised. What more can they do?

Not every mistake requires a compensation payout! 

Same for me, ordered the Classic 47mm and no DPD email. Contacted Vodafone customer service and it won't be sent anytime soon apparently!

Can't Vodafone do ANYTHING right ##~##??? These people are so stupid and incompetent. Unbelievable. 

Cancelling the order and will be buying somewhere else. 

4: Newbie

Ben from the Vodafone Twitter team just told me that the watches will be delivered on Monday