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GigaCube - initial checks and template

Community Manager (Retired)
Community Manager (Retired)

If you're having issues getting service on your GigaCube, please try the following: 

1. Firstly check to see if your signal light is on - if yes, please go to number 2. If not, please switch off your GigaCube and remove your SIM card. Please go to number 6 and contact us with the details requested, ensuring you include your SIM card number. 

2. If the light is Yellow/Red, please try repositioning the GigaCube in an area with better signal and avoiding any barriers - this may improve your connection.

If the light is Blue/Cyan, please try disconnecting some devices from the GigaCube as this could improve the speeds you're getting. 

3. Please connect your Gigacube via Wi-Fi and log in to the Admin Page:

To access the Admin Page:

  • In the internet browser, type
  • Click Go direct to Webpage
  • The default admin passwords are on the label at the base of the Gigacube unit
  • In the Settings tab, click System. 
  • From the System dropdown, choose Diagnosis. 
  • From the Diagnosis Method dropdown, choose Traceroute
  • In the Destination IP Address/Domain Name field, type a web address
  • Click Apply
  • Type a commonly used web page e.g. or
  • A popup will appear advising that the test is in progress

  3a. If this works then you have a data connection - if not please try moving the GigaCube to a different location,    avoiding any barriers to see if this improves connection. 

4. Check your coverage and network status

Our network status checker will show any unexpected issues and planned maintenance in your area:

  • Type in your full postcode
  • If nothing shows, zoom out on the map (the site you connect to may be outside of the area)
  • If you see an issue, you can sign up for text or email alerts
  • For a full guide on how to use our coverage map and status checker, check our YouTube video.

5. If everything looks ok and there's no issues in your area/ service should be stable - please visit to perform a speed test and make a note of the results.

6. Send us the GigaCube issue template (below)

  • Left click and copy (CTRL-C) the below template,
  • Please contact us via one of our social channels (Twitter/Facebook) so we can securely access your account - Find out how to get in touch here.
  • Then paste (CTRL-V) the below template into your private message on social media and add your answers. The more detail we have, the quicker we can identify and resolve the issue. 
  1. Your mobile number
  2. Your full name
  3. Your postcode
  4. The light that you're seeing on your GigaCube 
  5. SIM card number (if light isn't on)
  6. When you first noticed the issue
  7. Your speed tests results (from above) 

Please do not post your personal details on a Community post or publicly on Facebook or Twitter - make sure to only add these details and template to a DM/PM.