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FTTP install issues

Hi,We're trying to upgrade to Vodafone FTTP. We had an engineer come out to connect it up, but they had issues pulling the cable through the current duct from the street to our house. They tell us we need Openreach to come out and put a new duct in, ...

samoz83 by 2: Seeker
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Long delay in fibre connection

Hello,We started a switch to Vodafone on 13 Feb and were visited by BT Openreach a couple of days later who advised that work would needed to be done in our garden to connect the property to fibre we had delayed activation until 11 March to tie in wi...

Three broken promises = no service. BEWARE!

What a farce that is trying to receive a broadband service from Vodafone! I have elderly parents who need broadband and phone services so I called into my local Vodafone store on 18th April to see what could be offered and how quickly a service could...

Dee123 by 3: Seeker
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ORDI Request for Openreach (address silver matched)

Hi,  I'm having a bit of flustrating experience with Vodafone customer support. I'm trying to get Fibre Optic Broadband but there is some sort of mismatch between Openreach data and Vodafone. Basically my address is SIlver matched in the database (on...

pieron187 by 2: Seeker
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Broadband activation but no router!

Hi,I upgraded my full fibre broadband and expected to receive a new router.. Current one is out of date and constantly failing.. Apparently activation is tomorrow but there is no router on my email confirmation and nothing has been dispatched. Absolu...

Tried to upgrade to Full Fibre - too expensive!

So, it looks like my time with Vodafone will be coming to an end.  I couldn't upgrade automatically and so had to go through an advisor.  I can't believe how expensive the best offer Vodafone had for me was.  Result, well as BT is £16/month cheaper f...

CrimsonLiar by 16: Advanced member
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Poor Communication from Vodafone on Activation Day

Am I going mad?I signed up to upgrade from FttC to FttH broadband (Vodafone in both instances) a few weeks ago. Today was supposed to be my activiation day, as agreed in the initial upgrade phone call.I start getting texts from Openreach saying they ...

Boopop by 2: Seeker
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Resolved! Broadband upgrade when its not yet activated.

Hello all. I have ordered Pro II fibre 200. It goes live in 10 days.  I have spoke to customer services via chat, twice in last 2 days as I was disconnected the first time. What I'd like to do is change the order to the Pro II fibre 500. I've had 2 d...

dksglen by 3: Seeker
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