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Resolved! New FTTP

Hi, I've had FTTP installed and using a Fritzbox 7530. Changed it to use modem and it's connected, the DL speeds are a 6th of what they should be. I am getting 83MB down and 57 up, package is 500 DL and 68 UL. Will it improve or is there a fault?

Madhatter by 4: Newbie
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Resolved! Aberdeen Substandard Speeds on Gigafast 900

Seriously I am not even going to say a word since your network tester is saying no issues found... I am very technical so please dont add insult to injury about restarting routers and OTN 


High latency Coventry to London, cityfibre 900

Hi. I just joined vodafone.I am very happy with the speed (it is way over what I need), but not so much about the ping. The best ping I see to London is 22ms, usually it is higher. My ping to Edinburgh is 15ms, and this is the lowest I see, lower eve...

dudka by 3: Seeker
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Resolved! Own router on gigfast slow speeds

Hi All,I had cityfibre come around today and do there installation and i'm at my wits end trying to get my Deco X20 units setup and get my actual speeds.I'm supposed to be getting 910 up and down.WIth Vodafones own router plugged into the ONT i'm get...

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Changed minimum guaranteed speed

Hi guys, I’m very confused, I joined Vodafone in nov 22 on a pro 2 fibre 2 contract, The email I received upon joining stated that I would get a minimum guaranteed speed of 47.5mbps, min download of 52.4, min up of 6.8, everything has been great unti...

Help! Best WiFi booster for my THG3000?

Can someone recommend a specific WiFi booster for me? I have Vodafone’s THG3000 and have been having huge problems getting a dependable WiFi signal into my garden office, which is on the other side of two brick walls, but only 10m away. I’ve lined th...

Backup for Grandstream HT801

Has anyone managed to create a backup of the settings for their HT801 ATA?      I have tried this several times without success as the resulting XML file just contains an error.

MACH1 by 4: Newbie
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