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What am I supposed to do with a SOGEA Adapter?

Switching from BT to Vodafone in a few days. One order acknowledgement says I will be receiving a "SOGEA Adapter", another says I will be receiving a "VOIP adapter". Not sure what I'm supposed to do with this once it arrives. Is this related to Digit...

X box series x wired and wifi network issue

Hello,Upgraded to the new Vodafone router and now my lads x box series does not seem to work fully or connect properly to the network.  He can play games albeit slowly however he can’t download any new games or run any updates.  It just dosnt do anyt...

Nils by 3: Seeker
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THG3000 with ASUS TUF-AX3000

Good evening, I have been trying to set up my Asus TUF AX3000 to use as a main router to extend my signal across my house, the default supplied router just isn't cutting it however I can't seem to get it going. I would assume I would use the THG3000 ...

MattJA by 2: Seeker
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Nat loopback stopped again!!

Upgraded to the latest Ultra Hub II after constant issues with the older router.  All set up and working fine for two months and yesterday uPNP stopped forwarding my plex server and this afternoon Nat Loopback stopped working again, which was an issu...

dmfarrow by 2: Seeker
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New App is a Total Disaster

My iphone updated the Vodafone Broadband app yesterday - and the new version is beyond awful. It tells me that boosters aren't working (when they are) and also I can no longer see the mesh configuration of my network (I have 4 boosters in a big house...

awclymm by 2: Seeker
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can i upgrade when still in contract

I am on a 500 meg contract that ends 10/25 on my Gigafast account it says see what upgrades are available. so I click on it. it says what speed interests me so I click 900meg it says I can upgrade to 900meg for £31,00 a month paying £31.45 can I do t...

deltafx by 4: Newbie
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Our site is being incorrectly blocked by your server

Hello, We are experiencing issues with our customers trying to access the site when they are using your servers. We have a team who scans the our website regularly for any malware or malicious code - all of which are clear! We also have our own firew...

tc_hub by 2: Seeker
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New Broadband app not compatible with my router

I live in an apartment block and I am therefore subject to wi-fi interference. Generally I have been able to resolve the situation by manually setting the channel using the app but when I tried last week I found that the app had changed and was askin...

steveaxt by 3: Seeker
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