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Pro II Broadband - more than three boosters?

Whilst I acknowledge that Vodafone provides up to three boosters (free of charge) to support home-wide wifi, is it possible technically or otherwise to add (by purchasing) a fourth or even a fifth booster? I have a long (but narrow) house and the ext...

Vodafone Pro broadband can't split 2.4/5ghz

Hello I recently 'upgraded' to pro broadband. I need to split the 2.4 and 5ghz temporarily to connect a smart socket. In the router settings it says because I have super WiFi I do this in the app.There is no option in the app to do this that I can se...

Ses6jwg by 2: Seeker
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Split wi-fi

I need to split my broadband wi-fi into seperate SSIDs for 2.5GHz & 5GHz. If I try to go to advanced settings on my router I am told that "Super wifi is running your wifi" and I have no options to change any wi-fi settings other than SSID, password &...

Pro II hub - Firewall warnings

Hi everyone,Today for the first time in the year I have had my CityFibre 900mb connection, my connection has dropped at least  5 times and checking the Pro II hub error logs I can see lots of firewall warnings which I haven't noticed before and there...

aidej by 3: Seeker
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Broadband App issue

I have recently been sent a new router as the speed of the old one was never consistent or near the promised speed.  Having installed the router and started up various devices on the network things were looking good.   I then tried to log into the ro...