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Broadband Connections

I started using Broadband and phone with Vodafone and 2 3 days I would have a problem with connection. The problem is all the calls and any contacts goes abroad and they just follow the scripts. they would listen and in the end I had to pay them 6 mo...

Shaukat by 2: Seeker
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Not a good start...

Only been with Vodafone for just over a month and my Broadband and landline are down again I see these routers will take a backup WiFi dongle is there a specific type I should look for ? and will a WiFi dongle work on all Broadband packages?CheersPau...

_Paul_ by 3: Seeker
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Connection issues

Recently noticed that my Xbox will only connect to the booster and never the main hub. When it connects to the booster it normally comes up with ‘bad performance’ on the Vodafone app and an inconsistent connection. The app seems to have removed advan...

Microsoft Teams And Router

Hi All, Like others, every time I use Microsoft teams, my router dies. If its on wifi or hardwired, during a call, the internet will drop and other devices hardwired in to the router go off. If I connect to my mobile as a hotspot, no problems. Curren...

TheBig1 by 2: Seeker
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Broadband update went terribly wrong

I was on FTTH fibrecity 500 broadband. Tuesday i should be upgraded to 900.. The broadband went down for whole day. I think ok according to Vodafone text it might be down till midnight I am waiting patiently. Today it’s still down and I am on the cha...

m0le by 2: Seeker
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Wifi works fine but Lan has no connection

THG3000 routerI have ethernet using Lan to a mini homeplug and distributed to other mini homeplugs throughout our home.Logging into router shows devices connected to the router. It shows three devices connected via WiFi to the router itself (which is...

XL5 by 2: Seeker
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Why is customer service useles??

I took an 18 month broadband contract with Vodafone July 2018. 3 months later after countless calls to Vodafone, 3 OpenReach engineer visits & a booster later, I could not get a working service in my property and I advised I had to leave due to non-w...