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Certain apps not working

At the beginning of November I moved to a faster broadband service. It was with the same provider and same router. Certain apps on my android phone stopped working on the WiFi. All the BBC apps, Sky News, Gumtree one of my banking apps, Zara and M&S ...

Not allowed to set up a smart home

Superfast1 Pro customer.After trying (unsuccessfully) for 3 days to link a new smart plug, I bit the bullet & contacted tech help.After 2 days of try this/switch this off, I chatted to a pro team member who told me there is no possible way on this Ea...

Vodafone Ultra Hub with Fibre2 connection

I've been having a Pro Fibre2 DSL connection for the past 2 years and never had an issue with it but not the price is too much so I decided to switch to the Fibre2 DSL.After few days the connection stopped working and during the troubleshoot with the...

viciovb by 2: Seeker
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Slow Internet after migration to Digital Voice

Hello,Last week Vodafone migrated my line to the new Digital Voice service. I also received the VoIP adapter.I don't use any phone, so my router is connected to the internet master socket, the phone one is unused.I've never had a problem with Vodafon...

salvom89 by 4: Newbie
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Broadband upgrade existing customer

Hi , we took out Vodafone Broadband back in September and at the time Openreach was pulling cables for full fiber,  person online checked and confirmed we could upgrade to full fiber as soon as it was live.We received an openreach email last week con...

number3 by 4: Newbie
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Very slow Full fibre 500 evenings

My FTTP connection has recently become very slow in the evening. Last night download of 1.7Mb/s!Any one have any idea how to sort this?Vodafone do not seem to understand (or choose not to appreciate) that the problem occurs in the evening not during ...

sansoa by 2: Seeker
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How does FTTP work within premises

FTTP is coming soon.  I currently use FTTC and somewhere deep in a cupboard on my ground floor there is an ADSL splitter. The ADSL signal is carried over RJ45/Cat6 to the wiring cabinet on my first floor, where it connects to the Vodafone modem.  Rep...

hamiljf by 2: Seeker
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Can't connect Asus ZenWifi Mesh router after FTTP

Hi,I recently upgraded to full fibre (FTTP) and now have the Openreach OTC box on the inside wall of my dining room next to the router. Works fine with my standard Vodafone route (for reference, this is a THG3000). At the same time as upgrading, I bo...