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Posittive feedback

I had to phone up vodafone home broadband team today as I had a little accendnt with my openrech firbe modem box , was greeted by Hanigh? I think her name was she was professional freindly easy to understand my problem and gave me extrx mobile data f...

Frequent Daily drop outs

Vodafone Ultra Hub (through City Fibre) installed on 11th March. 900mb Pro II plan.Frequent drop outs and fluctuations in DL speed until 2nd April (fine, was told it takes time to stabilise)Almost a good full month with no issues27th April - Power to...

Moving from BT

Hi FolksI'm thinking of moving to Vodafone when my contract ends with BT on 11th August. I noticed from adverts on the TV here in the UK that Vodafone are currently offering up to £100 to offset the possible termination fees associated with leaving B...

Static WAN IP Address.

Hi,I have a static WAN IPv4 address on my broadband account. Since earlier in the week I have noticed that I now also have a WAN IPv6 address. Does anyone know if this would also be a static address? It does not show in my online account, only the IP...

Archie07 by 4: Newbie
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Hmmm… can't reach this page

I can't access one website or it's app on my pc I get this Hmmm… can't reach this pageCheck if there is a typo in it works fine on my old vmedia broadband How do I unblock it? Thanks

whynoww by 3: Seeker
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Xbox Series X wired connection issue

Hi, hoping someone could help. Since switching to Vodaphone I have been experiencing issues with my Xbox connecting to the the network via a wired connection. What I find is sometimes if I restart the Xbox enough, it pics up the wired connection.What...

JosephA12 by 3: Seeker
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New Customer, cant connect my Switch.

Every other device is fine but my Nintendo Switch won't connect to my WiFi network. This is a deal breaker for me, never had an issue with previous ISPs and tested it elsewhere. So the fault is definitely your end. Should I just cancel? Seems like ot...

mark5404 by 2: Seeker
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Strange issue today with Vodafone Hub

Today I had a problem where I was unable to connect to only one IPV4 address from my Hub using both Wi-Fi and ethernet. Everything else worked just perfectly. This IP was my hosting site so I use my phone  (not wi-fi connected on EE network) and I co...