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Moved on 22nd Jan, still no broadband.

Hi all, Can somebody please put me in touch with somebody who wants to do a decent job please?None of the phone service people help and just keep apologising.Nobody takes responsibility!!!! 1) We have had no service since 22nd Jan as we moved home.2)...

Help no broadband for over 2 weeks!

Hi I have logged in here in a desperate attempt to get some help.So my broadband was upgraded to fibre on 13th January by Openreach . It went down on 22nd January and has not worked since. I have regularly checked the outage postcode checker and ever...

Broadband Connection Dropping

Hi,Since Friday my broadband (FTTC)  keeps dropping connection.  I raised an issue on Sunday evening and 1st line support said after running test that they will upgrade the broadband to FTTP .  I live in an apartment and have the box with the fibre o...

Ability to disable rebind attack prevention?

This feature is driving me nuts.I run my own DNS server which has its own rebind attack prevention, but also overrides some public DNS for internal things here at home.I can't configure the router to issue my own IPs for DNS servers via DHCP, so as f...

Moving from Virgin cable, options for mesh network?

I currently have a Virgin cable Superhub running in modem mode and connected to an Amplifi HD router & mesh system. My landline is plugged into the VOIP port in the router and works fine even though it is in modem mode. I've signed up for Vodafone Fi...

dwl99 by 4: Newbie
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Broadband upgrade existing customer

Hi , we took out Vodafone Broadband back in September and at the time Openreach was pulling cables for full fiber,  person online checked and confirmed we could upgrade to full fiber as soon as it was live.We received an openreach email last week con...

number3 by 4: Newbie
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Resolved! No internet connection, internet light blinking red-white

I raised the issue with someone in online chat, now im supposed to wait up to 72 hours for somebody to contact me back..  Basically the internet light on the modem is blinking red with occasional white, it blinks fast like red, red, red, white, red e...

Antyone by 2: Seeker
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