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Error 26 - Cannot Send Message

2: Seeker



Whenever my son attempts to send an SMS he gets the above error, any ideas? He onlys texts full mobile phone numbers, no short numbers



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17: Community Champion

Hi @Jimbo2109 


The first thing to check is he has the correct message centre number, this is +447785016005, check he has messages set to text and is not sending as chat here: Messaging Features 


Most probably the phone has temporarily lost it's connection, sometimes the SIM can be a little behind and needs to be updated on the network.  Ask him to complete a manual network scan: settings > connections > mobile networks > network operators > manual > when the scan completes, select any other network, let it reject the request and reselect Vodafone.  Follow this will a reboot.


If the problem persists, he can order a replacement SIM for the number here: SIM swap 


Further information  for his phone here: Device Support 

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