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Warning !! Internal storage extremely low.

4: Newbie

I have received a message from Android system on my Vodafone Smart N10 VFD630,stating the above and that performance will be severely impacted and device may freeze.Uninstall some apps or delete any unused files urgently to free up more space. The internal storage space available is less than 500MB. My internal shared storage quotes 15.90 GB used of 16.00 GB. Portable storage is a San Disk SD card of which 17.10 GB used of 63.85 GB.  I have looked for an answer to show me how to resolve this problem but at this moment in time I have had no luck. What is the point of removing apps that I want and when I reinstall them again at a later date,they are installed back on the phone rather than the SD card. The largest internal storage consists of Music & audio 3.1GB Other apps 7.3GB and System 5.2GB. Any help would be very much appreciated.Thanks


17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

16gb isn't an awful lot of storage these days, especially if your device comes with a lot of pre-installed and non-removable apps.   The apps you use are getting progressively larger as functionality is added, which they can do because most devices now come with at least 32gb, which is still enough for any but the heaviest user.

The only thing you can really do is go through what's installed and see what you can do without.   Most of the Google apps can't be uninstalled, but Docs and Sheets and (I think) Keep can.  It's also worth looking at the data stored by apps you only use occasionally.   You can clear that and free up quite a lot of space, although you will lose settings and logins - I wouldn't do it with games, for instance.   You'll need to repeat the process periodically if you re-use the app.

You can free 3.1gb immediately by moving your audio files to the SD card - the system should still find them.   If you take photos, make sure the camera app is set to save to the card and them move existing photos there too.

The other thing is to regularly go into Settings and Storage and clear the cache - that can free up 100 or so mb at a touch.   I'm afraid that, with a 16gb and even only relatively few apps, regular housekeeping is going to be essential.

There are still a few budget devices around with this amonut of storage, but they're best avoided.   Regard 32gb as the absolute minimum when you come to upgrade.

Thank you so much hrym for your message back. Your tips and comments have helped me recover some major space on my internal storage,which now stands at 12.2GB. Would you know if it is Vodafone generally or the Smart N10 VFD630 that does not give me the option to make it possible to adopt a Micro SD Card as internal storage. If it is possible to do this adoption,does that mean that ALL downloads incl Apps would be saved to the SD Card with it now being classed as internal storage ?

Thanks again


17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

Adopted Storage, as it's known, was originally made available for devices with very small storage sold in "emerging markets".   It can be turned off by manufacturers.   However, if you look at the format options for the card, if it's available, it'll be there - note that formatting erases all data on the card, of course.

It does have certain disadvantages:
The card will only work in the device it was formatted for
It's generally slower than internal storage
If the card fails, you lose everything (cards have a limited write-cycle life so, if you;re choosing this option, get the biggest you can to reduce the number of times each location is accessed)

On the plus side, your total memory will be internal+the card size.

If you use the card for any kind of storage, assume the content can be lost at any time, so make sure it's backed up.   It may be possible to re-download music, but sync photos with at least Google and possibly one other service.  I use an sd card for phtos, music and any other content I want to transfer between devices - it's a fantastically convenient way of doing it.