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WiFi calling on a Microsoft Surface Duo 2

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3: Seeker



I have a Microsoft Surface Duo 2 and have never been able to get WiFi calling working. Vodafone say it is not supported (as if Microsoft is some small manufacturer they have never heard of!!!) and my contract is coming to an end, so I thought I would give it one more try before I leave...  From what I can tell, it is disabled by the network, so the option doesn't even appear on my phone to enable it.  Any idea if anyone with a Surface Duo 2 has ever got it working and secondly, how do I convince Vodafone to tick the "make it work" box for my phone model?

VoLTE does appear and works.



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Can you please search for WiFi Calling in the settings? It might be available in the Settings.

As I said above, the WiFi Calling option does not appear on my phone as it is made visible only when the network supports WiFi calling for any give phone make and model. In effect, Vodafone can make the WiFi Calling setting appear or disappear on any given phone.  Same as VoLTE, but they have enabled that option.

@AlanI - hopefully not too late if you haven't already found a solution. I have a Surface Duo 2 and managed to get WiFi Calling activated on Vodafone. Took a couple of attempts calling Technical Support, but I think when chatting I remember asking if they could just send down the config for a Google Pixel phone and it was this or something else, but WiFi Calling became available.

I did also try deactivating/activating via the app settings and also tried other aspects I found such as "Text the word CALLING to 97888" (this is a free text).

I can't say for sure what exactly worked, but couple of things you could try if you have the patience.

Thanks, that was encouraging to hear, however I have not had much luck. I had tried the text to 97888 a couple of times already, so I contacted Vodafone again and asked they push the settings as if I have a Pixel, and they say they did, but no change from my end.

Out of interest, if you go to the phone dialler and dial *#*#4636#*#* and select the "Phone information" option that comes up, a little way down you should see a "Wi-Fi calling provisioned" switch; it it on for you? I am guessing this shows whether the network has turned it on as for me it has always been off, but it would be interesting to know?

Yes, the toggle is in the on position (albeit greyed out) for "Wi-Fi calling provisioned" when I look at that service menu on my device. I recall that in the past it was off as I've checked that menu previously.

For me it originally started when I was trying to get RCS Chat functioning before Vodafone migrated to the Google service. That and Wi-Fi calling were problematic in the early days of the Duo 2, there also used to be a toggle in the account "Controls" section for Wi-Fi called that I may have used (though it looks like it no longer exists now that Wi-Fi/LTE calling is enabled by default).
I also know at one point I had my account reset in an attempt to get it working and also used a different SIM to see if that would force the correct Vodafone provisioning down to the device, but can't say which one definitively did the trick.

It was frustrating and very nearly gave up other than I knew it functioned with a SIM from a different provider.