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Broadband connection

Constant Internet issues

2: Seeker

Hi all,

I am a Internet DSL-Customer with Vodafone in Germany. I lose internet connection at random, for the past week.

  • so far I have done, rebooted router/ restarted router.

  • ping various sites, using the cmd co mmand in windows, result was 75% to 100% loss data/ 14XXms pings.

I just called with the Vodafone hotlinvsharee, due the constant issue with internet connectivity. I was told that my DSL contract (rented WiFi router) just offers an option for WiFi signal, and that it's normal that I won't have stable WiFi and instead that I should use a LAN cable, to connect with my mobile devices. I should also add that my router is besides me, so there isn't really any interference.

I even got the suggestion, to buy an adapter for my mobile devices in order to receive internet via LAN cable.

I am expecting a call back by Vodafone on Sunday.


Is this ridiculous?!? Any suggestions going forward?


Thanks ahead for your replies and suggestions.

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Good morning @bakelmion, thanks for reaching out to us on the Vodafone UK Community. For help with your query we would recommend posting this on the Vodafone Germany Forum. If you follow this link here, scroll down the bottom of the page, next to the Facebook and Twitter options, there is a link for the Community 👍

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