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Broadband connection

Damage to phone line - phone and broadband down

2: Seeker

The BT pole that carries the phone line for our house had some trees growing around and over it. (Not our trees). These were cut back today with a lot of chainsaws-up-ladders. Our phone line and broadband have both gone dead. Our phone / broadband supplier uses Vodafone wholesale network. How can we get this reported to Vodafone so they can start a ticket with Openreach? Cabinet 1 on Freshwater (IoW) Exchange. I have UPRN & tel but don't want to share this on a forum obviously. Thanks.

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17: Community Champion

Hi @IslandBoy 


Although your provider uses Vodafone Wholesale, this will still be the responsibility of your Broadband and Phone line provider, they will need to contact Vodafone and make arrangements to fix the fault, it won't be something you will be in a postion to do.  There is further help and advise from Ofcom here : Broadband and landline faults and problems 


You can check for faults and monitor outage here: Down Detector 

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