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Shockingly bad WiFi

3: Seeker
3: Seeker

I've just moved to Vodafone fibre with super WiFi. I've got two boosters (which still don't cover the whole house - that's another story). The issue is the poor mesh. iPhones keep disconnecting, the Samsung smart TV can't hold a connection (not signal strength - it's 4m from the router). The TV connects, and stays ok for a day or so, then loses the connection. It's lost its IP address, and reverted to a 169.254 (link local). The router no longer lists it as a device. It can't reconnect either. A power cycle of the TV, and it works, for another day.


Spoke to the laughably named WiFi experts who's sole advice was to switch it off and again!


I'm pretty sure it's an encryption issue (WPA2). Most likely the WiFi rekey is failing. I've put the TV on a fixed IP address but doubt it's a DHCP issue since the link is physically lost. 


My wife's work lap doesn't like the WiFi either - it's connected but her corporate VPN won't connect across the mesh (using a 3rd party WiFi extender it connected ok, for a while. Then it suffers from dropped connections like the TV and phones.


Never had these issues before. It's shockingly bad. I'm splashing out on homeplug adapters just to keep things going, but seriously thinking of invoking the "WiFi guarantee" clause. It's just not fit for purpose and the tech support is beyond a joke.