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Super Wifi booster headache after app (DOWNGRADE)

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

Hello. I’m hoping someone can help. Long story but I did have a schedule set on my wifi to go off at 10pm  to stop the kids staying online all night. With the holidays starting I wanted to switch this off for them. App no longer supports this so was advised by the tech team to reset my wifi. 3 hours later and every smart device reconnected I now find that I can’t add the boosters as there’s no longer the option within the app to add these.

My teen uses an Ethernet cable attached to the booster for Fortnight. any suggestions on a workaround for this or am buying different boosters? 


16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

If it's true that after the app upgrade it's no longer possible to configure the boosters, it seem almost impossible they could have broken things so badly. Most have complained that some options, such as blocking devices, are missing.

What device are you using to run the app? It appears the android app has been rolled back to 4.6.7. so just what do you have?

I’m using an iPhone so unable to go back to the previous version. I will try and call them again today. I’ve been so happy with the service so far after having Sky for years with poor connectivity but their App was much better.