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Gigacube and MMOs gaming

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I am considering a Gigacube 5G subscription and I was wondering it provide a fast and reliable connection for MMO games (e.g. WoW, ESO, SWTOR).

Is there anyone here who can provide some feedback?


I am aware of the fact that some games are not working to Gigacube due to NAT issues, hit that shouldn’t be a problem for MMO.


Many thanks!


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Gigacube 5G is no different to 5G on a phone - indoors.  Most of the time it's good, but the speeds vary tremendously depending on how far you are from the local mast (and that mast may not be 5G!), obstacles, and how busy the mast is.


Also, Double NAT can be an issue for gaming - it generally doesn't slow things down it just means that you are unlikely to receive all your data packets!  If you hunt on these forums for "Gigacube" most of the issues relate to Double NAT and gaming!


It may be worth looking at VF's competitors, who also offer unlimited broadband over the mobile network, but without the Double NAT!

I see... not reassuring :Sad_face:


many thanks, Sir!

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2: Seeker

While I don't have specific feedback on the Gigacube 5G for MMO gaming, I can suggest considering its compatibility with tethering for gaming purposes. Tethering, especially with a reliable connection, can provide a seamless gaming experience for MMOs like WoW, ESO, and SWTOR.

If you're concerned about NAT issues, tethering with a reliable provider that supports tether payment might be worth exploring. This way, you can ensure a stable and fast connection for your gaming needs.

If anyone has firsthand experience with using the Gigacube 5G or tethering for MMO gaming, feel free to share your feedback!