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Internet speed

How can I limit internet speed of certain devices connected to my wifi?

2: Seeker

How can I limit internet speed of certain devices connected to my wifi? Click here

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Community Manager

Hi @fthftf there isn't a way of us doing this - why is it you're looking to do this? 

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13: Advanced Member

.@fthftf Maybe ....

1. If a wired connection then go via a 10/100 unmanaged switch, that'll reduce its speed by a factor of 10.

2. If WiFi force it onto a 2.5GHz channel. This may be a bit tricky with the THG3000 router, but if splitting the WiFi and giving each a different password you may get somewhere.


None of this is a perfect solution and if there's a "clever" someone in the house they may be able to circumvent these measures.

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13: Advanced Member

Short of getting a third party router Cynric's answer is about as good as you are going to get.  Being honest, most QOS/bandwidth limiting solutions are either a bit clunky or simply don't live up to the hype!
*QOS (Quality Of Service) works far more effectively on the upload side than on the download.

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