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Internet speed

Vodafone 4G internet speed problem in daytime

2: Seeker

Till this Monday, I used to get high speed 24x7. But, from Monday, I [Removed] am getting proper speed only after 6 pm. In the mornings and afternoon, it is very difficult to browse net as the speed is very low. Wat showboxching videos is out of question. I have contacted the customer care people, but they just registered a complaint and I didn't get any reply. I am from Kerala.

Why is this like this? What can I do? [Removed]


[MOD EDIT: This post has been edited to remove inappropriate content please see Community Guidelines]

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Hey there @ZhakirSetie - If you're on the Vodafone UK network we can assist with this 😁 I understand how important it is to have a stable connection. So that we can look further into this, could you complete our initial network checks please?

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