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Internet speed

Vodafone internet constantly slow - what are my options?

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Since everyone who can work from home is in home office, being an ISP is a tough spot at the moment. I get it.

But what is the threshold I should accept?

We have a 1000 MBit/s internet subscription, we pay 40 EUR-s a month to have _good_ internet since me and my spouse both have lot of video calls during work hours. The quality of the vshare video calls are usually a coin-##~##: it's either sufficient, or there is a 20-30 second delay in the call. In general it's true that the internet speed is like a rollercoaster: outside of work hours it's 70% OK, during work hours it' s 30% usable. Again, we have a 1000 MBit/s subscription. We are both connected directly via a LAN cable to the router. And even if that's not enough proof that we should get the best possible internet speed, what is the reason for _sometimes_ getting good enough internet and sometimes it's just horrible with the same setup.

Also, the internet is down usually at least 2 days a month on average. I know for a fact that neighbours are having the same issues as well, both internet outage and slow internet in general. We have called the Kundenservice multiple times about the outages but they simply come up with excuses, so there is no real solution to the problem. One time after a 6-7 day internet outage, they gave us 10 EUR-s of refund. 10. And they said that's even a high compensation, because they are only allowed to give us 2-3 EUR-s, but they would like to maintain good customer relationships. What a joke.

Unfortunately at our building Vodafone is the only option for an ISP, so I can't simply change ISP-s.

But in any case, how can I officially prove that they provide bad service? Their official speedtest page is lying about the internal internet speed: when we had this 6-7 day outage of the internet, when we finally got back some internet (very bad service still), I went on the page, and it showed me that I get 50 MBit/s from the router, but in their network there is 1151 MBit/s !which I should be getting!.. This is just ridiculous as they already confirmed that they have issues in their own network, so it simply cannot be the same bandwidth as it is when there are no issues on their end. This is just unacceptable.

What are my options to do anything about this issue? The best option for me would be to stay at Vodafone and have good internet. I am willing to pay 40 EUR-s a month to have good internet. But paying 40EUR -s and have bad service is simply not OK. We also have a 2 year contract with them, so cancelling would be very tricky / cost a lot of money. Some people said to contact the Netzwerkagentur, but I have no idea what they can do about this.

Any input would be highly appreciated.

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Hi @FragiLimbel, it looks like you're a Vodafone Germany customer 🙂 As we're only able to assist with Vodafone UK customer queries via this Community forum, I'd advise chatting with them directly through the contact options from their website. They'll be able to help with your broadband query.

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