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APN Details for SIM in 4G Capable Firewall

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

Good afternoon, 

I'm trying to set up a 4G capable FortiGate firewall for a business client who's provided me with a business contract SIM. No matter what I try with a Vodafone SIM I cannot get it to work. 

For reference, I'm able to manually set APN details (APN, username, password) if necessary, but I can't seem to find any that work. The appliance receives a DHCP IP address from the network, but I'm unable to route traffic out via that network. 

Trying with a SIM from another network just works, no issues and no need to enter any APN details, they all seem to be pulled automatically and data flows fine so I know my firewall config is sound. 

There is no SIM pin - SIM works fine in a mobile or regular 4G Huawei hotspot. On the hotspot I'm given the APN, a username of "web" and I can't see the password set, anyone know what it would be?

For reference I've tried -

  1. no APN settings (pulled automatically)
  2., no username, no password
  3., wap, wap
  4., web, web
  5. All of the above with some older settings I found on the forums with as the APN
  6. internet, web, web

Any help or pointers would be appreciated, thank you.



Hey @MitchellB93 thanks for reaching out. Apologies for the trouble you're facing with connecting your Vodafone SIM to your 4G device. The username should be set as "" and the password would be "wap". 

If this doesn't work for you, please reach out to our Social Media team on Facebook or X, so that we can go through some other steps if needed.