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Erroneous data usage with mifi R218h

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

I posted this reply at the end of a thread I was contributing to, but as many folk had this issue and may be focussed on a different particular thread, I though I'd post this (possible) solution to the issue as a new distinct thread.

folk were reporting large chunks of data being used daily which were well adrift of the actual amount they felt they were using, certain this was the case for us...

hopefully the text below will be of some use....

"An update to this ongoing issue....

I had been using the unit whilst away in my motorhome during October and came home on the 17th...I brought the unit into the house and left it ON but with no devices connected to see how things were going. As there is no real time daily analysis provided by Vodafone, I had to wait till my next bill (bill period ends 5th of month) to check usage. I was amazed to see that on several days (7 days out of 16) despite no devices connected, there had been substantial usage including one day with of over 4.8 GB.....yes you read that right, 4.8 gb. In total almost 7 gb of data usage was recorded with the unit not connected to any devices. As this unit also serves us when in Europe and we are limited to 25 gb, having data removed like this is just not on.

so, having had no success with live chat or customer services (despite the provision of historical bills etc) I visited the local store and explained the situation. They were very helpful and suggested sending the unit away 'for repair' but (guess what) despite three attempts the Vodafone system crashed during logging...this then needed to be investigated. We then discovered the reset toggle inside the unit and decided to try this at home. I reset it and then discovered I needed to re 'configure' the HUAWEI app...then I noticed that I had to tell it whether it could do automatic updates. I was about to click yes (as I'd done a year back, coincidently when these issues stated) but chose NO instead.

I've left the unit ON but not connected now for over an week and the data level has not reduced at all....have I cracked it? I don't know but i will keep monitoring and report back.

looking back, im convinced the issues started when I 'discovered' the (not really useful) HUAWEI app which I really only needed to turn on ROAMING in the device. It was then that I thought it might be a good idea to allow auto updates and this (im pretty sure) was when the issue with data usage began..."