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Mobile Broadband

Google Stadia and the Gigacube

4: Newbie

On the 19th of this Month Google will be launching Stadia their cloud game streaming service. Currently those using the Gigacube are heavily restricted on gaming due to strict NAT settings. I was wondering if anybody has looked into Stadia and if its going to also be affected by these issues? not sure if it uses P2P? 

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3: Seeker

Gaming is just not really working on the Gigacube. I still have a backup BT connection which is much more stable.

Gigacube runs around 46mbps download / 20mbps download.

BT runs around 9mbps download / 1.1mbps upload. 

The BT connection has a normal lagency of around 11m/s where the Gigacube can go up to around 100m/s. So while downloading, videos, web browsing is fine on the Gigacube for gaming it just cannot cope at all. 


By the way, I tested this using Xbox Live and Microsoft XCloud. Both just won't play gaming at all on the Gigacube. Just about plays on the BT connection (the upload is too low).

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