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Mobile Broadband

Unvalidated SSL certificate whenever using 5G -

3: Seeker

Whenever I use 5G with my home PC, my Nord VPN flags an unsigned certificate as below:


allot SSC.PNG


This ONLY happens with a connection via my router, which I got yesterday. It happened from the very first time I connected, and every time since. I should also state this message comes up even if I do not connect to Nord VPN, the Nord software is flagging the issue without the VPN being active.


Searches for this error on the Nord forums indicate that this type of thing indicates a probable "Man In The Middle" attack where my data may be compromised by a third party. So who are and what are they doing with my data? According to their website they are something to do with 5G security, which is ironic given they have a dodgy certificate. Web searches indicate others on Vodafone seeing similar things, so it seems this is not a "me" thing, it's a Vodafone thing. Right now, and until I have reason to do otherwise, I shall be clicking "Don't Trust" but I'd appreciate knowing the risks/benefits of each option.

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