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http://vodafonemobile.wifi - "Unlock Your Mobile Wi-Fi Device". Where to find the code?

2: Seeker

Hi all, I've gotten the Vodafone R218h with Vodafone sim. While changing some settings in the vodafonemobile.wifi, I made the security so high, that even I had issues connecting to it. Pressed the hard reset button behind the battery to roll back some of the changes.


When I logged back onto vodafonemobile.wifi, it doesn't allow me to change the settings. It asks for an unlock code under the title "Unlock Your Mobile Wi-Fi Device" and that "This is the number provided by your mobile operator - 10 unlock attempts remaining.".


I've read this:


But there are no device numbers I could see in my account/welcome email/receipt - only the number of the sim that I've tried and didn't work. 


To reiterate, where can I find this elusive unlock code?




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That's strange @gzhi, it sounds like you're being asked for the PUK. This code is usually required to unlock your SIM. We can take a look and provide this for you, pop us a PM with your full name, account number and a link to this thread on Facebook at Vodafone UK, or on Twitter using the handle @VodafoneUK and we'll be happy to help.

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