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5G signal found at a strange location, accidentally turned on?

3: Seeker

5G signal is nowhere to be found in North London, it's only available around the Central London area but I found it at a strange location. (Screenshot and speedtest at the bottom)


Today I was on the 34 bus and went past a stretch of road 'Silver Street' and realised it has true 5G connectivity and download speeds going up to 170mbps. 


I checked Vodafone's coverage map and 5G is not available in 'Silver Street' and not planned for at least 3 months. It's such a strange spot, Wood Green, Tottenham, Enfield, Upper Edmonton etc doesn't have 5G yet this 1 road near Edmonton has 5G?? I've travel around many N-London locations a lot and have not found 5G except this one.


Does anyone know why out of the entire North London location only this stretch of road has 5G and why it's not listed on Vodafone coverage map? Did the engineers accidentally turn it on? I'm really curious, any guesses are welcomed!


Edit: by the way it's only the top half of the street that has 5G, I guess it's 1 radio mast tower that has 5G enabled, leads me to believe it was accidentally turned on?



Screenshot_20200929-200510_Video Player.png

Screenshot_20200929-200616_Video Player.png

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4: Newbie

I can't say for certain but I'll hazard a guess that Vodafone are probably testing the area for an up and coming 5G rollout. Often with these things they might have to either replace or refurbish a mast or its equipment.  And upgrading to 5G if they're having to upgrade the mast makes sense. This happened with their 4G service back in 2015 in Milton Keynes. Virtually nothing for ages then a big jump from 1bar to 4 bars where I lived in Oldbrook MK also with a smattering of 4G+ 2600mHz.


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