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Advice : Physing emails.

17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

Hello Everyone. 



Phishing emails.


Today I received an email supposedly from my Internet Provider Bt Mail. It looks professional enough but after carefully reading it I noticed the Date it advised I needed to update my Bt Mail. 

(See attached picture)


I ignored the email and logged into my Bt Account securely to check if any pending messages were asking me to Update. None were present. I've forwarded this email to


This made me think again especially at this time of year about unscrupulous person(s) doing this in order to gain access to people's email accounts / passwords and in some cases infecting your device(s) with Trojans / key loggers and viruses. 


So please be safe and not sorry.


  • Don't click on links within emails unless you know it's from a secure company you know. 
  • If in doubt log into your secured page to the site the email says its from and do what you need to from there. 
  • Forward any suspicious email to any available Phishing email address.
  • If you accidentally click on an enclosed link within a possible shady email then run a virus scan / sweep ASAP. 
  • Delete the possible Phishing email ASAP from your In-Box and Trash Folders. 
  • Do not click on innocent looking links within Social Media Instead Google for the Shops / Companies sites main page. 
  • Always read the incoming email carefully. Read it back a couple of times. 

More information from Action Fraud  here and from Vodafone here



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16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

Any Company that you have an account with, phone provider, electricity, gas and so-on, if they contact you by email they will within that email include a line 'account ending 1234', this will be the last 4 numbers of your account number, if this is not in the email or the numbers are different than those of your account it's a phishing scam communication. Any Company that you deal with online should include something that you recognise in their communications to you, if they don't then delete it.

17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

If there is any doubt, and frankly that's rarely the case, I will hover the mouse pointer over the link and a little pop upshows me the URL it's pointing to.