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Analysts are lukewarm about Google’s new gadgets

Community Champion (Retired)
Community Champion (Retired)

Analysts say Google’s new lineup of phones, other devices and artificial intelligence services may have trouble attracting consumers in large numbers, at least for now.

For instance, so-called intelligent assistants often don’t live up to their early promises, says analyst Patrick Moorhead of Moor Insights & Strategy. What’s more, he warned that Google’s service may use some of the information shared by users to create profiles for advertising. Google didn’t address that in its presentation Tuesday.

The camera on Pixel is the best smartphone camera… EVER, according to DxOMark.

And while Google was smart to emphasize the performance of the new smartphone cameras, Moorhead added in an email, he said other features in the new phones don’t seem very different from what Samsung and Apple have offered.

Gartner’s Brian Blau, meanwhile, said the new Google Assistant could help the company tie its various hardware and software offerings together. But he’s also skeptical that Google’s Pixel phones will dent Apple-Samsung dominance in the smartphone market, especially since Pixels will be more expensive than phones in Google’s previous Nexus line. “To be honest, that was one of the attractive points” of the Nexus, he says.


Source: ThaiRath