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Off topic

Dead Link On Quick Links

7: Helper



Just wanted to report there is a dead link on the quick links here. Premium SMS Bar takes you to a page saying message not found and being archived away. Would it be possible to reintegrate it back on the website?


Many thanks,

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Hi @ReedPR I'm sorry for the delay in getting back to you! I've just tried this from my side and it seems to be working fine. Have you tried to access this again in the past few days? 

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7: Helper

Hi @adam


I can't seem to upload pics at the moment seems to be stuck uploading 


On the quick links, when I click on Premium SMS Bar, it takes me to a page saying 'message not found' and it's been archived away.


Can anyone else confirm this for @adam benefit please?


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17: Community Champion

Hi @ReedPR


You are correct the link is not working.


As far as uploading is concerned try view more options and add the file as an attachment. 

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7: Helper

Thank you @AnnS for confirming the dead link and that I am not losing my mind! 


Cool I remember that about uploading you have been most helpful again @AnnS what would we do without you 😉


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@ReedPR You should be able to access the quick link now - thanks very much for flagging 👍🏼

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