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Innovative use of Vodafone signage

Community Champion (Retired)
Community Champion (Retired)

I'm recently back from a trip to Goa. An amusing aspect of my travels there was the innovative use of the sign writing provided generously by all the Indian mobile phone networks. Some had the name of the business appended, but some enterprising firms took it a stage further. I was particularly taken with the Vodafone Sweet Mart, a modest shop, the Vodafone SmartBar and Restaurant (AC), small but indeed very smart, and the Vodafone Family Restaurant (veg and non-veg, AC and non-AC), apparently a very traditional business apart from its adoption of both partial air conditioning and innovative sign writing.

Alas, there was no opportunity to photograph these establishments, let alone sample their wares.


EDIT: if you saw and wondered whether it was a spoof, you'd be interested to know that KFC's advertising slogan is 'vegelicious'. 


Community Champion (Retired)
Community Champion (Retired)
While thinking about my recent travels, I might as well add this.

I managed to sleep on the outward flight, but sampled the in-flight entertainment on the return journey. I ended up abandoning 'Lucy' as preposterous beyond tolerance, and instead watched '2001: A Space Odyssey' , which is still remarkably good value 46 years on. Though the final half hour is strange, to put it mildly, so my strictures on 'Lucy' are probably unfair. After which the mild hypoxia of longhaul travel set in, and I listened to classic rock albums for the rest of the flight.

BTW, aficionados of in-flight safety briefings may be interested to know that BA have moved the "Mandy moment" back a few seconds, so that she is no longer quite so clearly pulling the toy rabbit from the wreckage. Wonder why it took them so long to twig?