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Lights, camera, action


With cinemas reopening and films that have been in the pipeline for the last year finally making it to the screen, tell us some of the films you're going to see, have already seen or that have helped you get through the last year and a half. A little review and rating is also welcome (I'll definitely add the 5*'s to my Netflix list) 😁 

I went to see Black Widow the otherfilm forum7.jpg week. Scarlett Johansson and Florence Pugh was a pairing I didn't know I needed in my life. Having not watched all the Marvel films some of the references went over my head but great film nevertheless! 

David Fincher films made my lockdown a lot more bearable - Fight Club and Zodiac speak for themselves.

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I haven't been to the cinema since before lockdown hit! A long time ago! I am considering Space Jam: A New Legacy. I wonder if it will be as good as the original, I use to love that film when I was younger 🏀 With Netflix, I feel like I spend longer looking for something to watch than actually watching the film or show :Laughing_Face: Any suggestions, fire them over 📺

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Netflix kept me sane through the first lockdown when the only thing on TV was the doom and gloom of Covid. I revisited old favourites like Life on Mars, Ashes to Ashes, Stranger Things and The Get Down! Then I discovered the first 4 seasons of Money Heist! I can't wait for series 5 to start in September, I hope they drop them all at once and don't make us wait a week for each new episode.







As for going the cinema, after not being able to go for over 18 months it's another of the things I'm really looking forward to. There's a couple of films coming out later in the year that have made me feel really nostalgic and I want to see, Ghostbusters: After Life and Topgun: Maverick They're both out in November (I think). There's also a new Spiderman film and a Black Widow origin story coming and being a Marvel fan, I'm looking forward to them too.

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