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My website security options for Chromium web browsers

4: Newbie

Hello 🙂

Im not sure where to post this.

This is just my web browser cookie/Java/images allow list.
My main goal here is to block ALL websites from having access to your machine.

Here i am blocking all Cookies, all Javascript and all images from loading into your web browser.
It might sound stupid, as then nothing will work, but thats my main goal. I call it a security thing.

This works mainly for Chromium browsers where you access the settings and permissions.
The web browser im using is Opera.

From my experience, all the browsers are pretty much the same regarding the settings for this.

Block all Java, Cookies and Images. Thats the first thing.
Ok, so everything is blocked in the browser. I mean everything.

Make sure you clear any old cookies which are still registered in the browser. Clear all the cache. You know what i mean hehe.

Now, lets try and load each individual website through simple website addresses for each area.
So, for each website you want to use, you need to allow all the critical cookie addresses, the Java script addresses. Same as the Images.

Some sites dont need the image addresses to work. Some do, some dont. Trial and error works for your favourite sites.
Ok, so right now, not even your home page will load. Its all basically dead, and the browser wont load anything, good.

Some pages will load, like Google search, Duckduckgo search, and Ecosia search. They'll all work without a problem.  But any other site will struggle.

Lets just allow one website at a time.
To log into Vodafone for example, just allow this stuff.

Cookie list to allow:


Javascript list to allow:


Images list


This will enable you to load up the forum or account sites, whilst blocking all other websites.

Hope this helps some people with web browser security issues.

Peace out 🙂