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Off topic

New Mobile O/S In The Making - Igelle DASH

6: Helper

Touted as "The Worlds Most Flexible Operating System", Igelle is about to be launched. And to re-iterate, the term "The Worlds Most Flexible Operating System" is not some sort of marketing badge, just check out the compatibility list: Igelle Compatibility. The N900 is in the list:smileyhappy: Heck! Even the N95 and other Symbian devices are listed.

As is the iPhone 4 (not sure how Apple would receive the prospect of people installing this on there devices, though).

The list is virtually endless. Ranging from media players


The website: is suffering from some linkage problems at the moment (keeps throwing you back to the homepage).

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I was dyin' on the inside all the while.
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14: Advanced member
9700 Bold is in there , good find. Very interesting.
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16: Advanced member
Well i have nevet herd of this but i can not see it working looks like a glam ide to get intrest

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