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Shopping on their mobile phones will leave Brits £27bn lighter.

17: Community Champion

Source : MobileChoice. 

Link : Shopping-on-their-mobile-phones-will-leave-brits-27bn-lighter.


Excerpt from the above link.....


"Mobile transactions will account for 40% of all online retail transactions in the UK this year.

Last year, a study conducted by MasterCard revealed that three in every four Brits enjoy online shopping and have never had a negative experience and that 82% of all Brits are either shopping online or using e-commerce services. A new research from and the Centre for Retail Research now claims that out of £67.38 billion in online purchases, around £27.02 billion will be conducted on mobile devices in the UK this year."


My thoughts. 


This piece made me look at what I do on my own mobile phone. 


Using it to purchase from the likes of Amazon, eBay and online sites of other companies.


Albeit not an online purchase but also using Android Pay to pay for purchase too. 




Do you use your phone to makes a number of different purchases ?


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17: Community Champion

I've bought from Amazon and eBay via their dedicated apps on both phones and a tablet.   I also sometimes use the Premier Inn app to book accomodation.   I'd say apps are generally easier as not all websites adapt well to a smaller screen and there can be some lag in response due to the overheads of the browser.  I also find it handy to adjust Waitrose offers in their app on the fly and I use the Costa app to manage points.  On top of that, I have a mobile wallet (Vodafone Wallet) and use that for contactless payment a lot.


I'm always a bit suspicious of sponsored surveys as they're usually geared to promoting whoever paid for them (which isn't completely unreasonable).   "£27bn lighter" is a bit of clickbait, I'd say - in the sense that it's designed to get news outlets to pick it up.   What's more interesting is whether this represents additional spending due to ease of use and always-on availability, or whether it's just a transfer from full websites on a PC.   Shopping has, after all, moved online and away from traditional stores - though the successful ones are combining the two and people are starting to use websites/apps for research and/or click & collect.


A lot of food for thought!

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