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Off topic

The Olympics is here!


Miraitowa & SomeityMiraitowa & Someity


The Olympics start in a few days and being a bit of a sports nut I can't wait!! I love the track cycling, road cycling, off road cycling, the downhill, BMX, the triathlon (it contains cycling). Ok, so it's mainly cycling, but there are hundreds of sports we don't usually get to see much of and this year there's more modern sports like Skateboarding and Sport climbing being included too!

What events is everyone looking forward to seeing and what sports would you include if you were in charge? If I could add anything, it would probably be futsal. It's a fantastic version of 5 a-side football played throughout south America and although it was originally designed to be an Olympic event, still isn't.

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17: Community Champion

To be honest I pretty much like all the events @Mark 

Hopefully events to bring the people across the UK and the world together in these uncertain times.

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I've loved watching the skateboarding, wall climbing (they are real life spidermans) and Tom Daleys' knitting.

If dodgeball was included in the Olympics I'd definitely sign up - Dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge (if you know you know)

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