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Full Fibre FTTP signal to noise ratio?

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Is there anyone out there who can give a definitive answer to what sort of signal to noise ratio we SHOULD be getting on an FTTP connection?   I have consulted Google, and the suggestion there seems to be that anything above 25 is excellent.

The problem we have is that our broadband WAS working just fine (including landline via Grandstream HT801) but something happened around last Friday and it is now lousy.   If I run a speed test it still indicates that we are getting 72Mbit (at off peak times), but there is a settings tab on our (new) Firsetick 4K, which indicates that although we are getting 72 Mbit speed, the signal to noise ratio is very poor at anything between 2 and 5.

The way I read this (I am no expert - but i'm pretty sure I am right) is that what the figure I am seeing really mean is that we have a lightning fast line - but 99% of the traffic on the line is now interference and NOT useful data exchange.   I have been on to Vodafone 2nd line support who have (i suspect) flashed the firmware on my Vodafone router (temporarily connected) but although they are happy our line is still crap!  We also have no landline to boot.

Unfortunately Openreach vans are like buses - when you want one there are none to be found.  I was hoping to speak with an expert to get some inside knowledge and find out how to put a suib under Vodafone and get our line back.

At the moment, our TV WILL now stream, but usually the speed drops to maybe 40 Mbit at peak times and the 1% or so of useable bandwidth  will not then strem anything.

I am within an inch of telling Vodafone where to stick their router - but the system WAS working really well until a few days ago - and I am not sure there would not be issues if I changes ISP.


16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

There's no SNR on full fibre.

Sounds like you're struggling with contention/congestion, which happens when there's too many end points sharing a fibre. Not a lot to be done really. Just hope some clients drop out because of this (it's not just you experiencing this, everyone else on that fibre is).

Openreach oversell a lot more these days. 

THat is an interesting suggestion. Certainly they are rolling out FTTP round here really quickly now.

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

I don't think you are on fttp, from what you say, it is fttc.

Just what Vodafone service are you on, Fibre or Full Fibre?

No, we are definitely on FTTP.  The broadband is delivered via an ONT on the wall.    What is really irritating is that until about last Friday it was working perfectly - AND with the landline.  Now both are up the creek, and Vodafone say all is well because the test THEIR end says so.  How come NOTHING will stream anymore?   I suspect that the Openreach engineers who were outside last week have messed something up.

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To add insult to injury, the latest firmware on the Vodafone router seems to have locked together the 2,.4 and 5 GHz networks and there doesn't seem to be any way of splitting them. That is a pain, because I used to have the Vodafone router configured with the same network SSIDs as my Netgear - so they could be quickly swapped for testing by Vodafone.