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GigaFast Milton Keynes Help Group

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Help Group for Milton Keynes GigaFast Users

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2: Seeker

As a GigaFast trialist we had 3 months of good service but since January a series of issues:

  • DNS problem
    • Eventually told by “Support Chat” not to use their DNS servers but user google & – 6 days and not a single DNS issue.
  • IP Phone has now been down 3 days
    • Contacted GigaFast support eventually – Fiona was very helpful apparently there are still quite a few MK phone lines still not working – with 3rd line support hopefully should be cleared today. However, I know 3 other trialist have working phones!
  • gigafast not responding to email
    • Fiona is check why they are not
  • Having seem this forum – saw another stating slow speeds
    • 100Mb server giving 50-60 down 75-100 up – something to keep an eye on as more users jion the network
  • Anyone tried calling support?
    • Using the home number 01908 .... puts you through to India or somewhere who don't understand GigaFast but eventually you can convince them to transfer you.
    • Fiona has asked me to try account number next as they are getting some people going direct - can anyone confirm that works?
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