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Vodafone THG3000 router (for the VOX 3.0 Lite Contract) vs. TP-Link AC1600 one?

3: Seeker

My partner recently was persuaded to upgrade our Broadband service to the vodafone VOX 3.0 Lite contract, the reasoning being that it was cheaper and faster. We recieved a new router in the post ( - THG3000 model) but im wondering whether a router we purchased some years ago to access to the 5ghz signal (as opposed to the 2.4ghz signal) on Vodafone is going to be superior or not with the new contract?  The old router was the Tp link Archer V600/AC1600 ( and is fine, but of course it's always good to eke out more performance especially if you're paying for it. Short of running benchmarks tests and configuring everything to see, will this new router from Vodafone be worth installing over the exising TP-Link setup?  Sueprficially the only difference between the old Vodaphone router and this is the 5GHZ signal accessibility, which on paper is what we already have with the TP-Link..any thoughts anyone?

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