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Vodafone - Untrustable Cheats

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

The new CEO Max Taylor needs to retrain his lazy incompetent customer service and complaint staff, who all seem to use names indicative that they are not based in the UK 

On 6 February 2024, through online chat I discussed and renewed my broadband contract with a UK based staff member Chelsea who confirmed several times that there would be no price increase in April 2024. Excellent customer service by her.

3 days ago Vodafone erroneously sent me an email saying my price would go up.

I filed a complaint. I was given the run around for a ridiculous 4 hours by several call centre operatives (all without native English names) who repeatedly avoided finding and reading the transcript of the contract renewal chat with Chelsea, the content of which forms the actual basis of the agreed contract renewal.  A copy of that chat transcript should be kept in the Vodafone file for my account.

Now a clueless Vodafone employee (again without a native English name) has chosen to ignore finding and reading that chat transcript and closed the complaint.

Absolutely disgusting attitude Vodafone. You are obliged to 100%  honour what has agreed between me and Chelsea during that contract renewal online chat.

No excuses Vodafone, just get your act together, honour that telecommunication chat agreement, for which you must have a copy (unless you are a totally incompetent telecommunications company) and most critically retrain your incompetent customer care staff who insult your loyal customers by lazily and deliberately failing to find and read the content of that contract renewal chat transcript. 

Vodafone, you owe me a very humble apology and a goodwill offer. If I had known you could not be trusted to honour what Chelsea agreed in that online chat I would not have renewed my contract. 

I suggest that anyone else about to renew their contract thinks very carefully before doing so. Vodafone cannot be trusted. They will cheat you just like they are cheating me.






Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @Gawigawen As my message in the link AnnS provided confirms, it looks like there was a mix up with Chelsea's advice when processing your upgrade. As your upgrade was done before the 21st February, you would be subject to the CPi price change this year. As this is the case the bill you received would've been correct at the time of production. Apologies for the inconvenience this error's caused. Our Customer Relations team will pick up your complaint, check the transcript of the chat held on your account and look into the options available. If there's anything else we can help with, don't hesitate to get in touch.

I have been contacted. My persistence on my complaint has made Vodafone aware of a glitch in its system. Other customers who renewed contracts may be affected by the same glitch. If so, they need to contact Vodafone.