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Vodafone "automatic compensation" for Home/Broadband

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

City Fibre was a week late to setup Broadband on behalf of Vodafone down where we live.
It happens, nothing dramatic, but still, delays and absence of service are falling under Vodafone's scheme of compensation.
Appropriate billing discount usually appears on the second billing (as you are paying the first two months of subscription upfront).  -This is what I have been told by Vodafone chat support team.
3 months ago.
On my second bill,  the automatic compensation discount was not indicated.
I was told by the chat support team, this was indeed a problem and that the information had been reported and the automatic compensation would "surely show" on my next bill.
On my third bill, compensation discount was still not indicated. 
Chat support team, told me this was not right indeed, but that I should to look out for my next bill, as it would show up this time.
My bill arrived today and guess what ? no automatic compensation yet again. According to chat support team, I should wait for next month as it is too late now and nothing can be done about it.

I think I can recite you Vodafone chat suport team's script by heart by now. 
Understanding, apologetic, reassuring, garantiing all is done to improve on customer experience.
But at this stage, I start to wonder WHERE lies the problem ?
And I do wonder if it could it be that the chat support team is a complete bogus interface to do away with Vodafone service failures in an inconspicious manner:
As a matter of fact, if you want to complain about Vodafone chat support service, the only way to do it is -apparently- to use ....Vodafone chat  support service.
Carress a circle a watch him becoming vicious....