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Other broadband queries

this forum is like watching the news , ask a company a question and you will get fobbed off

4: Newbie

my very first post 

I have been reading this forum for a long time and never felt the need to register or comment but I feel like I needed to say thanks to some of the other forum users for sticking up for us Vodafone customers that has Vodafone broadband.   

I am one of them users that reads the Vodafone forums to better understand how broadband works, but don't normally comment 

Any way I would just like to say a big thanks to




Jayach ( not sure why every comment got deleted by jayach in ref to pm's )


I was trying to show the hubby this morning some of the highlights that user`s have made in the last few days but most of the really good points made by user`s seem to have been deleted or removed by Vodafone. 

The forum`s show Vodafone just don't seem to listen . I have lost count how many times Vodafone has been voted the worst provider over the years, Yet its now 2021 and still voted the worst provider. It would seem the general opinion of the forum is if you have a issue with your broadband don't waste your time try another provider . 

One thing I don't understand is the names above that I have said thank you to are clearly very qualified in ref to broadband and a lot more qualified than your own Vodafone moderator's , so why don't Vodafone employ them (or at least ask them) , you are really missing a trick here . But that is the issue with Vodafone you just don't listen or learn . 


PS I love this comment by Happy Nomad 

HappyNomad said In fairness, most of the current batch of Moderators and Community Champions probably weren’t around when ‘no help what so ever via PM' was changed to 'no help what so ever via social media'.  


and this one by gipjon 

admin TJ said the idea of the forum is for user`s to talk to each other and gipjon said well they would if they could because Vodafone has disabled private message's 


(What do people think to my first post,  many thanks )


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11: Established


I rarely post, as it is pretty pointless, either someone else has a better answer or I wont offer the concept of VF actually helping any OP.


I do post more in other forums, and while a tiny voice it does get noticed.

Here I would need a foghorn to get through to VF.


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16: Advanced member

Great first post @alwaysreading it's nice to know our post are informing others apart from the original poster.

I hadn't realised my posts were being deleted, they don't tell us, and I don't think I said anything that broke forum rules.

Welcome aboard, perhaps you will post some more in the future.

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16: Advanced member

It's not only Jayach's comments that have been deleted, it would seem that someone has really gone to town on a couple of the threads!

Watch this space - in case it's deleted later...

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16: Advanced member

great first post and with this being your first post I really hope that Vodafone responds to you. you have raised some very good points which Vodafone needs to address and I don't mean that stupid message that says we are very sorry to hear you are not happy please go to live chat via Facebook etc 


I was also very interested to learn that the general censorship of people like yourself who just read and don't normally comment is just.  Vodafone support is bad and you agree with what was written from the users on the list above in your first post.  

In ref to Keith jay and yourself about posts that had very good points being deleted, my guess would be it's because Vodafone admin, staff, and community champions were out of order. I did notice two staff members that I was talking to at the same times both said this is my last post .which I'm guessing means they were told in the staff private chat by a manager to stop posting and delete the posts

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17: Community Champion

@KeithAlger wrote:

It's not only Jayach's comments that have been deleted, it would seem that someone has really gone to town on a couple of the threads!

Watch this space - in case it's deleted later...

Hi @KeithAlger 


I hope you are well.

If you feel any of your own posts have been removed then please do let the Vodafone Social Media Team's know of your concern and I'm sure they'll look at your post history to clarify if this is so.


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