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whistleblower vodafone staff tells all

14: Advanced member

Stop solving problems... just make the customer happy': As complaints against Vodafone soar, a whistleblower claims it is obsessed with its 'satisfaction' ratings

the whistleblower says that for staff, persuading customers to believe all is fine is more important than getting to the bottom of their problems.

Call centre workers face losing their jobs if their promoter score is not high enough.

The employee says: 'All Vodafone cares about right now is the net promoter score. Staff are rated on this survey it sends out after a call or web chat. Well, actually, on the first question only: 'How would you rate Vodafone to a friend?'

'My manager says we want customers to have a good experience on the phone so Vodafone will get higher ratings. I have been told to stop solving problems and just make the customer happy on the phone.

'I cannot work for Vodafone much longer. I want to help customers and fix problems with accounts.

'We have a high turnover of staff due to agents getting fired because of their promoter score – these are agents that are good at solving problems.

'The only staff that don't get fired are ones that have a great promoter score – but do nothing for the customer.'

Suspicion over Vodafone's approach to service problems is already rife among customers.

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14: Advanced member

I can think of a few staff members that above sounds Like 

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Fill in the missing letters, win 20 points.


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i wonder who modded that post ,

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