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Pay as you go

Top Up

2: Seeker

I have topped up 3 x £10 on my mobile wifi hub and no credit has been applied but the money has been taken out of my account?

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17: Community Champion



There may be a queue adding the data packs, if you have paid by card the money will be ringfenced as pending transactions and will leave your account the following working day.


You will find the top ups with show on your dashboard as a data pack, you should be able to queue up to 6 data packs at one time and should see the three data packs.


You don't mention the method use to top up but there is further information here: top up and here: Topping up your mobile broadband 


If you do not see the data packs, live chat will be able to make sure these are added and available for use.

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2: Seeker

Hi Ann's


I topped up 2 x £10 on Tuesday and 1 x £10 today but no credits showing at all and I cant contact anyone on live chat and my company mobile is not on the Vodafone network so I cant call the number.

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