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What’s the point to preorder anything in here ?

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3: Seeker

Hi … here the joke , I’ve ordered an iPad Pro 13” inch 1tb with nano texture glass on date 12/5/24… out of curiosity I took a look in here to see similarities.. and I found plenty of them , last dated on January 2024 regarding a Samsung galaxy s 24 … well , why Vodafone keep doing this to his own loyal customers ? Why allowed us to place a preorder on whatever device if they deliver after months ? I placed the order on the 12/5/24 inside the shop , to be collect in the shop to avoid delays on deliveries , and here what I get , first step a delay of 2 day , after that for 3 days , now 6 days … this is unacceptable behaviour for a company big such Vodafone , I was a very very happy customer till 2 weeks ago … so when I’m gonna have my device which I have subscribe, preordered and paid for ?! 


3: Seeker
3: Seeker

I’m the exact same just got an email now saying 10 days!!! Which is June 😳

I get that mail today , if you get the non textured and below the 1tb easy you may get it at the end of this month , otherwise mid June 🤬 

my point is .. a preorder , so suppose available at the lunch day , is branded so I give them some time .. but not 1 or 2 months! Cmon ! And especially , I’ve ordered it in the store , not online , and they told me I’ll get it in 1 or 2 days .. damn !! This is a very bad bad bad service ! 

I ordered the exact same one the iPad Pro 13” inch 1tb with nano texture glass from what I’ve seen it’s looking like early June we will get it. But that will be 4 weeks after release which is crazy. Even the iPhone 15 pro max when I pre-ordered that last year was only late by 5 days which isn’t to bad. But 4 weeks is crazy. Especially not giving any real indication of when it will be in stock just pushing it back etch time now by 10 days. 
it’s annoying to because I brought the Magic Keyboard and pen and I won’t be able to see if there working till it comes by which point the return window will be up. My fault for ordering early but tbf didn’t think it would take so long 

3: Seeker
3: Seeker

Have you had any update for your order? :Smiling: