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Getting a NUC code for my oppo reno 4 pro 5g the saga.

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So this story starts last year 2020 when i purchased a oppo reno 4 pro 5g in October ordered a vodfone payg sim, an awesome dual sim phone, on vodafone which is good because i get good signal from them. Wanting to put my work three sim in the second slot thinking of course vodafone won't network lock a dual sim phone as that would be daft. But oh yes they have. So i went fill in the NUC request form. No oppo on the list, so i phoned vodafone, trying to speak to someone. Told the operator everything, just fill out the form she says, i can't because of the reason i've literally just told you. so she takes the details down and then at the last minute says 'oh Oppo isn't on the form'. SMH. She then says i would receive my NUC a week later. Nothing received at all. I tweet Vodafone. After a long long back and forth i get a person who take says fill in the form with any manufacturer other than apple it'll still go through. So i did this on the 18th dec 2020. I waited until 7th of January and nothing heard so i tweeted vodafone again, after another long back and forth some one took the details with both imei's (it's dual sim). Then a week later i received an email saying they can't find a NUC code, after reading IMEI in the email THEY sent it was a digit wrong. So back to twitter, whilst banging my head against the wall i explain yet again the situation, this time asking for the complaints contact info i get through to a guy called Brad, he takes all the details again to pass them to the relevant NUC team. He promises me he'll check in with me 5 days later, ( Brad had just got back to me ) i just informed brad i've still heard nothing heard from the NUC department yet again. This whole unlock service is terrible, if anyone can advise me how to get a code for this phone so i can use it please please help. Brad who ever he is, seems to be the only person who cares atm. So October to January for a NUC and still nothing. I did use the phone 30 days before originally trying to fill the form last year btw.

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Hi @thewonderboy, we would love to take a look at your experience and where we are up to with the NUC process. We know that you've previously contacted us before, are you able to send us another message on Twitter with your Community username and one of the social media team will find out what's happening 🙂

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Hi Mark, i will do. I did hear from Brad for a message, I replied saying i was glad he stuck to his word with the following up. But have heard nothing back from Brad again as of yet. This is getting ridiculous to be honest, i can see why ofcom have stopped vodafone from selling locked phones. 

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I can see we've arranged to follow this up with you again @thewonderboy. We'll make sure this is resolved for you 👍 

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I had a similar experience bought a Vodafone oppo Reno 4 Pro from eBay eBay seller assumed it was unlocked Vodafone state clearly all oppo phones unlocked but guess what it's locked and you cannot get a code really bad unorganised service

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If the ebay seller listed the phone as unlocked to all Network's and it isn't then that is grounds to raise a dispute through ebay and PayPal if you paid by that method.


You could pick up a Vodafone UK Payg Sim Card and use that in the phone if you haven't already done so to make some calls, send texts , use data and top up which is all counted as activity on the account.

And then after a few days fill out the Nuc Form Vodafone unlock-code-request. 

This helps latch the phone's imei details onto the new Vodafone Payg account so they can provide a Nuc.

Or have you already followed that route and been declined a Nuc, and if so what have Vodafone advised exactly may I ask ? 

Ankther route to take is to ask The Vodafone Social Media Team's via Twitter DM or Facebook Messenger who should be able to advise further.


Due to the upcoming new regulations from Ofcom that all phone's need to be unlocked out of the box from December 2021, this is why Vodafone have very recently changed their support page information,0 and now have started supplying some phone's already unlocked, so they are ready for when the new Ofcom rules come into effect. from December 2021. 

I wish you all the best with this. 

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