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Vodafone Sure Signal

reconnecting barred sure signal

2: Seeker

When I moved into my own place my mum disconnected the sure signal first generation, it was then barred due to inactivity. My mum lives in a very rural location with no mobile signal, every attempt to remove the inactivity bar on my account on the vodafone website gives me an error. I phoned vodafone yesterday and he told me to tell my mum to reset the sure signal and he would remove the inactivity bar. Got an email today saying sure signal has now been suspended. Online chat not working on vodafone website. Don't know what else to do.

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17: Community Champion

Hi @gordon67 


This is going to depend on how long it has been since the device was last registered, if it's been more than 12 months, the SS will have been removed from the network and there won't be anything that can be done to reregister the device. If the device is registered to your Mother's account, you will also need your Mother's help to enable you to register to your account.


Having mentioned that, Vodafon discontinued the SS  at the end of last month, it's quite old technology, and are now promoting WiFi calling.  You can find more about WiFi calling here: WiFi calling from Vodafone 


If it has been no longer than 3 months since the SS was last used, the account holder can speak directly to the Social Media Team by following the link here 

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