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Dual Sim on Iphone 11 pro

2: Seeker


I have an Iphone 11 pro on a new contract. I thought I could use the dual sim functionality as both my work and personal numbers are on vodafone, but the phone does not recognise the second sim. I shouldn't need to unlock the phone as they are both on vodafone (I think) and so is there some other limitation, or is the dual sim functionality not nuniversal across all iphone 11s?

When I have searched a lot of the discussions are around esims which I understand are not supported, but I have a dual nano sim tray, so I had hoped this would be (relatively) painless.

Many thanks


Any help greatly appreciated

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4: Newbie

You have UK contract with a dual sim iPhone Pro?


This model was only released for the China markets from what I gather.

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10: Established

@Broker-Man appears to be correct. From the Apple UK website, dual-SIM servie is done with a single nano-SIM and the built-in eSIM. At present Apple state that only EE support the eSIM functionality.


Only models sold for use in China, Hong Kong & Macao support the use of dual nano-SIM, due to the eSIM functionality not being supported in those markets

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13: Advanced Member

Well actually EE and O2 do eSIM in the UK and Three have said they will be supporting it soon.

Vodafone on the other hand have decided to say nothing hoping we'll forget about it.

When OFCOM force Vodafone to sell unlocked phones there'll be even more people wondering why Vodafone are so far behind their competitors.

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2: Seeker

You are right! I'm looking forward to OFCOM forcing Vodafone to sell unlocked phones.


Following the stunami of new questions about esim, it will be even more obvious that they don't even answer anymore in this forum. Is it dead?


I can't believe they are ignoring the thousands of visits in this forum searching for answers on esim on iphone with Vodafone. It's so contemptuous of them. I liked them to far, but this 1.5 year of contempt has changed my view on them. That and the fake news on Visual Voicemail.

Poor community managers, they certainly have posted their CV somewhere else with such a poor support from their higher-ups.

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