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FaceTime not ringjng

2: Seeker

My parents have changed broadband providers to Vodafone Ireland and since the change their iPad does not ring when there is an incoming FaceTime call. iMessages also do not get delivered to 2 iPhones and iPad in the house. WhatsApp messages do not get delivered straight away. They can make outgoing FaceTime calls without difficulty so not the device. All setting are correct on iPads and iPhones ie not in DND or volume setting. Set to allow notification etc It is the incoming data notifications which are not getting pushed through. All devices worked perfectly when with other provider I can only assume it is the router or Vodafone settings. We are desperate to fix as my parents are elderly and we have to telephone them and ask them to FaceTime us as they don’t get the notification that we are ringing. I have spoken to apple and they have said to contact provider as we have gone through everything and they can’t see any issue device end.

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